East Coast Apiaries honey bee
East Coast Apiaries honey bee

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Family!  Such is the root of American society, our traditions, core values and success in operating as stewards of the bounty given to us by Mother Nature.


In forming our web site, great care has been taken to enhance both your knowledge and use of honey in the same way mankind has done for thousands upon thousands of years. 

Like many regular visitors and our loyal patrons, we trust you will find the resources available on our web site valuable in enhancing your health and nutrition, and that of your family members and friends as well. 


We encourage you to “sit back and stay for a while” exploring every section of our web site by stopping by regularly to help enhance your knowledge, in seeking better health and nutrition for you, your family and friends – so spread the word about the wonders of honey, our excellent product line and our informative web site to all you know!

Enjoy Your Visit With Our Family. 


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Absolutely THE BEST Honey Available - And Always Local

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Medicinal & Health Benefits of Using Honey

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Using Honey As A “Nutritionally Sweet” Fundraiser  

Neat Facts About Honey Bees, Bee Hives & Honey

• Eco Tours (Coming in Spring 2017)  

• How You Too Can:

   -Learn to Become A Backyard Beekeeper

   -Learn To Become A Gentleman/Woman Beekeeper

   -Learn To Become A Professional Beekeeper

   -Become One of Our Pollination Customers

Absolutely THE BEST Honey Available--And Always Local!

East Coast Honey & Eco Tours is committed to providing our customers with the finest and highest quality, locally produced honey available in the mid-Atlantic States.  


With Apiaries (beeyards) across three states SC, NC & VA, we are able to meet the ever increaing demand for local, raw & unfiltered naturally delicious honey - for centuries lovingly known as Nectar of the Gods


"Simply The Best" is a common response from our customers who treat themselves and families by experiencing the wonderful taste of our honey - particularly as compared to store purchased which is pasturized, ultra-filtered honey that is so often sourced from far away foreign countries like Brazil, Argentina and China.  


Do yourself and your family a favor by joining the ranks of our many discriminating customers and experience for yourself the pleasure of the best honey available in the mid-Atlantic -- all natural honey from East Coast Honey & Eco Tours.


East Coast Honey has become a primary source of the best local honey available for ever increasing and discriminating consumers who want the best of health for themmselves and their families.

About Our Company

The term Old-Fashioned is the one that best describes East Coast Honey & Eco Tours.  


Our tradition is rooted in extraordinarily strong family values, very hard work and total dedication to one's chosen craft and avocation in life.


Producing the highest quality, pure, all-natural raw honey is our chosen craft as we work to make sure you and your family have available the BEST honey you can buy.  


Our ultimate goal is helping to improve your health, nutrition and overall well-being.  

Products That Improve BOTH Your Health & Daily Lifestyles

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Why Use Honey Instead?


As a very delicious food, honey is the perfect choice for many who

are interested in maintaining better health from a very natural source.


From your own GOOGLE search (Health Benefits of Honey) preview the following info outlining the many benefits of raw, unfiltered honey produced from local sources:

  • Prevent cancer and heart disease: Honey contains flavonoids, antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease
  • Reduce ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Increase athletic performance
  • Reduce cough and throat irritation

Again, don't just take our word, do your own research to learn about the many benefits of the most natural and beneficial food on planet earth.  


In fact, honey has been used by humans for many thousands of years dating all the way back to Ancient African Egyptian Pharoahs and craftsmen and long before then.

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