All-Natural Apiaries & Honey

As one of the most important parts of the delicate balance of nature, honey bees are probably one of the more perfect God-given creations.  At its height in mid-summer, a typical beehive is made up of 60,000 - 80,000 bees working in a centuries-old concert (of sorts) all toward one goal, producing one of the most perfect food sources on earth: Deliciously Golden Honey.

So perfect as a highly nutritional food source, honey NEVER spoils!  


In fact, archeologists have found honey in Africa’s Ancient Egyptian pyramids and even at thousands of years old the honey was completely edible, which is a true testament to the sheer perfection of honey as a food source.

At East Coast Honey, we pride ourselves in having selected Apiary locations far out in the rural sand hills near Columbia, SC, deep in the back woods of Roanoke Rapids, NC and close to the western James River’s flat-waters in the rolling natural meadows of Powhatan, VA.


All of our apiary locations have been strategically selected to ensure the finest quality local honey in allowing our honey bees a wide plethora of flowers, fields, meadows, trees and other sources of nectar – of course the result of their hard work being the best honey available in the mid-Atlantic Region.

Because honey is such a perfect God-given creation, at East Coast Honey we take great care to not spoil such perfection.  All of our beekeeping methods are in the “Finest of Old-World Italian Beekeeping Traditions” in that we do absolutely nothing in the beekeeping, harvesting and bottling process that is unnatural, involves any chemicals or artificial substances.  


Deliciously golden honey, harvested from nature, straight from the hive and right to your table!

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