Fundraising Opportunity for Not-For-Profits, Churches, Groups & Organizations

Due to the constant need to raise money, we offer a fairly unique fundraising opportunity for groups, organizations, churches, local Boy & Girl Scout troops, school PTAs and others seeking to raise much needed revenue by using a very "unique and totally wholesome" product - our Deliciously Golden Honey.


Think about it: cookies, popcorn, candy, cookie dough, peanuts, wrapping paper, holiday cards and other items are all fantastic ideas that are often used by PTAs, churches, groups and other organizations.


For a pleasant change, how about offering a totally healthy alternative like East Coast’s Golden Delicious Honey?


How does this work?  In the exact same fashion as the fundraisers in which you probably have been involved in the past. Orders are taken, paperwork is turned in, the product is delivered to you and your patrons all enjoy the best honey available from East Coast Honey.


Join the many PTAs, churches, groups and organizations who are adding a more healthy alternative to their fund-raising efforts.  As a really neat added bonus, we can also provide a set of educational material so students and your patrons can learn about the importance of honey bees to our environment and all of the health benefits of making golden, delicious honey a regular part of their family’s diet.


Interested?  CONTACT US and our staff will be happy to provide the details of this very unique fundraising opportunity.


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